New album from

The Tuttles with AJ Lee

The next generation of bluegrass is here: The Tuttles with AJ Lee. This young, highly talented band is composed of singers and multi-instrumentalists who have been playing music since they were barely old enough to hold a pick.

Ordinary kids with extraordinary musical talents and the support of one of the finest bluegrass music teachers in the country, Jack Tuttle.  It's so refreshing to hear about ordinary kids who are not shooting up the streets of Chicago, but instead are playing America's music to sold out audiences. It should be required that parents put a 5-string open back or a fiddle in the hands of every newborn.

A bit of history: the Tuttle family and AJ started playing together at bluegrass festivals years ago and have gone on to record two CD's, successfully tour the U.S. and win many awards, including: 1st Place at Merlefest's songwriting contest (Molly), 2nd Place at Prairie home Companion's Duet Contest (Molly & Jack); Best Band for two years in a row from The Northern California Bluegrass Society; Molly Tuttle voted Best Guitarist, Michael Tuttle the Best Mandolin Player, and Jack Tuttle the Best Fiddler. Best Vocalist awards went to AJ Lee in 2010, 2011, and 2013 and Molly Tuttle in 2012.

Their latest album is titled "Endless Ocean," which is taken from a new song composed by Molly Tuttle and sung by her on the album. The album contains 13 tracks of originals and classics, like "Columbus Stockade Blues" which the band rips up nicely. There's also a Hazel Dickins original song (A Few Old Memories) and Molly breaks her voice just like Hazel did on select phrases.

What stands out about this album is Molly's versatile voice along with AJ's harmony. It's such a clear voice with Appalachian breezes rippling through it. Listen closely to the Gram Parsons/Bob Buchanan song, "Hickory Wind." Every note is pure sweetness, pure grace. Molly and her father, Jack, have chosen just the right selection of songs for this release.  Makes you wanna' sit down in their kitchen and jam. Even if you could, Molly's voice could easily make you drop your picks.

Molly Tuttle (L) and AJ Lee (Right)